At GT Debt Solutions, we know that financial problems can affect people in all walks of life, in different ways.

We understand that money worries add up to more than just numbers.

Our goal is to provide trustworthy support, advice and debt solutions to help people get back in control of their finances.

We have the experience and credibility to get you the debt solution you need in order to break free from problem debt.

Our Debt Solution Process

Step 1: Making the First Call

Talk to one of our experienced team who will seek to fully understand your position before outlining potential debt solution options.

Step 2: Create a Debt Solution

After the initial discussion we help you to make a decision on what option is best for you. Where appropriate and once we fully understand your financial situation we are able to produce a realistic debt repayment plan for you that we know you will be able to sustain. We then arrange to put this solution to your creditors. Over 30% of the solutions we facilitate include a one-off payment from a relative or friend that can clear all your debts immediately.

Step 3: Final Approval

Once agreement is reached with your creditors we apply for formal approval for your debt solution and you can then make a fresh start with clarity about your finances going forward.